Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What size garage can I have?

You are allowed 12.5% of your total land area for accessory structures (such as garages). You must stay 2 feet from all property lines and 5 feet wall to wall from house to garage.

Click the image to download the City of Winnipeg Detached Garage Code.

Do I have to be involved?

You can be as involved with the project as you want to be. We encourage you to be involved as ultimately it is your space we are designing, and each client has unique tastes and preferences. You can swing the hammer and help us build, or sit in your house and just's totally up to you.

Am I able to customize my garage?

Absolutely. Customization is what brings a garage to it's full potential. Maybe you want a few extra windows? Maybe you need to have several extra outlets for a workshop? Maybe you want to have security lights installed? The options are literally endless. We will work with you to fulfill your requirements to customize the garage withing the budget and scope of the project.

What about permits?

Permits are a necessary part of most construction projects, and your garage project is no different. Don't worry...we get all the necessary permits for you to ensure all laws and bi-laws are adhered to.

Typical garage goor sizes.

The garage door is as important as the garage itself. It has to be designed and installed properly to maintain consistent functionality as well as warmth and security as well. Please note the typical garage door sizes based on garage size.