About Us

Professional Quality and Execution

We are a team of industry professionals that have brought our trades together to bring you the Winnipeg Garage Authority. Our years of experience in demolition, construction and remodeling ensure that you have the best team to build the garage of your dreams. Let us deal with the design pitfalls, permits and site preparation for you.

Each garage project has a unique set of circumstances that makes it unique. Our professionals are able to adapt and create the best and safest garage for you and your family possible. We take care of everything from the preparation of the site to the final touches of the trim. We have built numerous garages of all types and can design the perfect garage for your space.

Keeping you involved.

We will always make sure that you are up-to-date with the progress of your new or remodeled garage. Every decision will be yours to make with the guidance of our garage professionals. We will go through everything with you to ensure you are comfortable with the process, and excited with the results.

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